Prix Galien


The Prix Galien is organised annually by Roularta HealthCare (RHC). RHC is the licensee for Belgium. The owner of the Prix Galien organisation and ‘brand’ is: Galien Foundation – 99 John Street – Suite 2502 – New York, NY 10038 – USA represented by Mr Bruno Cohen, chairman.

Roularta HealthCare is bound by an agreement to follow the brand and organizational guidelines and to adapt to the regulations of the Galien Foundation if necessary.


  1. The first prize is a gold medal which is awarded for the medicine for human use from among those submitted that is judged to be the most significant. 
  2. The second prize is a gold medal and the sum of €5,000, to be awarded to a researcher or team of researchers (a maximum of three) for a piece of clinical and/or fundamental work in pharmacology within the European Union. 
  3. The third prize is a gold medal which is awarded for the medical device judged to be the most innovative and most likely to lead to better treatment. This medical device and its distributor must meet the legislative requirements of Belgian royal decrees and European regulations concerning medical devices, including CE marking.
  4. fourth prize, a gold medal, rewards the most promising and innovative medical device that is in its final design phase. This prize focuses on the technology that (hypothetically) stands out the most in terms of Value-Based Healthcare (clinical value, socio-economic value, process efficiency) and/or ecological sustainability.