Prix Galien

Mark youR calendAr for the grand event!

Get ready for another thrilling recognition of groundbreaking healthcare innovation presented by Artsenkrant – le Journal du médecin. 

The Prix Galien for the Prix Galien – Pharmaceuticals & Pharmacological research is scheduled to take place in “Het Afrikapaleis” in Tervuren on 21 Mai, 2024. 

Entries for the Prix Galien are closed, but feel free to register your seat & come and have a look at the applications presented during the event.

In the universe of Pharmaceutical agents, we have two prestigious categories:

The best pharmaceutical agent

Reserved for the most groundbreaking pharmaceutical innovation.

The best pharmacological research project

Acknowledging the contributions of a researcher or a group of researchers in the realm of clinical studies and/or fundamental research.

Want to know if your product or service meets the Prix Galien requirements?

Have a look at the REGULATIONS.